If you're a user of this repository

In order to use this repository, download the file lavar-debrepo.list and save it to /etc/apt/sources.list.d. Then edit the file and uncomment the line(s) you'd like to keep, based on your distribution. Once this is done, call the following command:

        sudo wget -O - http://eric.lavar.de/comp/linux/debian/deb_zorglub_s_bawue_de.pubkey \
                | apt-key add -

My signature looks as follows:

pub   1024D/869D2871 2004-02-17
      Key fingerprint = 98FB 95CD 6C40 4DF7 E758  601D 27CD 3F36 869D 2871
uid                  Eric Lavarde <deb@lavar.de>
sig 3        869D2871 2009-03-29  Eric Lavarde <deb@lavar.de>
uid                  Eric Lavarde <deb@zorglub.s.bawue.de>
sig 3        869D2871 2004-02-17  Eric Lavarde <deb@lavar.de>
uid                  Eric Lavarde <deb@lavarde.eu>
sig 3        869D2871 2009-03-29  Eric Lavarde <deb@lavar.de>
sub   1024g/2DE1125A 2004-02-17
sig          869D2871 2004-02-17  Eric Lavarde <deb@lavar.de>

Then update your repository cache:

        aptitude update

and you're ready to install my packages (mainly FreeMind or Freeplane), e.g. with:

        sudo aptitude install freemind freemind-browser freemind-plugins-help freemind-plugins-script freemind-plugins-svg

        sudo aptitude install freeplane

If you're curious...

This repository has been created with reprepro, based on instructions from it's Manual and with this configuration file for distributions.

I've started to sample my most important commands in a text file (a nicer looking version) from which I can do cut&paste...

And that's about it...