I am quite an unorganized person, but I have enough problems with computers in general, that I'm trying to keep my own computer ordered. That's why I'm eager to install everything with RPMs, in order to be able:

  1. to know what I have installed, in which version
  2. be able to upgrade easily
  3. don't need to care about dependencies (well...)
  4. be able to remove in a clean way programs
  5. be able to reinstall the same software on different machines

Well, this is just to convince you that you should do it as well ;-).

Nevertheless, not all software is packaged as RPM, and sometimes it is outdated or packaged only for a specific version of Linux (e.g. RedHat and I have SuSE); so, though I am not a programmer, I began to package software and it's not always that easy, so that I thought I could let other people profit from my experience and sweat.

This is the purpose of this page...


I'm trying to make packages that can be installed on any Linux Platform (at least by rebuilding the SRPMs), that can be built as a non-root user and correctly installed as root. Nevertheless the packages are mostly tested on my home computer (SuSE 8.2 under KDE for the time being).
I'll be happy to hear from your experiences (good or bad).


I also created a Java depot (as described here), which you can use with apt4rpm, adding the two following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

	rpm noarch java
	rpm-src noarch java

This depot contains more recent stuff (currently freemind and some dependencies, like jcalendar and jgoodies-forms).

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